Sanding and Joining
Sanding and Joining
Sanding and Joining

Sanding and Joining

Our frame sanding and joining team consists of eight skilled woodwork technicians, trained in transforming a variety of specially cut wooden profiles into fixed frames ready to be stained, waxed or gilded. Our sanding and joining specialists can join as many as 100 handmade frames per day depending upon the size and profile of the frame and the joining mechanism required.

Cheap, mass-produced frames are often joined together with poor quality adhesives which will crack and split over time, ruining the appearance of your frame and risking potential damage to the artwork. All of our frames are joined by hand using museum quality techniques.

Aside from holding an important practical function, corner joins can also add striking decorative detail to your frame. Spliced corners consist of small slots cut into the side of the frame which are then in-filled with another wood or the same variety of wood. This type of join is exceptionally strong and elegant. Larger, heavier frames can also be joined with bespoke metal brackets for extra security.

Every wooden frame that we produce is sanded by hand to a smooth, velvet finish, removing any imperfections from the surface of the wood and resulting in a beautiful consistency which is soft to the touch. Our frame sanding and joining technicians take great pride in their work and many practice carpentry in their spare time. 


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