Fitting and Wrapping
Fitting and Wrapping

Fitting and Wrapping

One of the busiest departments at John Jones is fitting, where all the elements of an individual design come together and the frame finally meets the artwork. Our team of six technicians fit up to 30 frames per day and are presented with fresh challenges every week. From unusual heart-shaped frames to unique skateboards which need to be secured within a Perspex box design, each professional technician ensures that every artwork is handled with the utmost care throughout the fitting process. The technicians are also responsible for securing many of the museum quality elements which provide an artwork with long-term protection into the frame, such as foil lining, fillets, glazing, strong backboards and more. Specialist air guns allow the team to completely remove every speck of dust before sealing a frame shut. Once complete, the handmade frames are fitted with high quality hanging mechanisms to prepare them for installation and hand-wrapped ready for delivery. Every frame leaving the department is individually condition checked by our End of Line team to ensure it is of the highest possible quality. This fast-paced environment demands that the team have a sharp eye for detail and can think on their feet.


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