Artwork Presentation Studio
Artwork Presentation Studio
Artwork Presentation Studio

Artwork Presentation Studio

The artwork presentation services department in our London framing studio uses the finest quality materials to mount artwork before it is fitted into the frame. Working within a temperature and humidity controlled environment, our technicians are trained in art conservation framing, art mounting and presentation to museum standards, using cutting edge techniques and materials.

We believe in fully reversible art mounting service methods that allow the piece to move and fluctuate with environmental changes. If you’ve ever noticed how a piece of newspaper curls at the edges on a hot day, then you’ll understand that the same can happen to mounted paper artwork. It’s therefore vital that the artwork paper isn’t constrained with four tight corners, but instead mounted sympathetically to allow the work to flex and contract, without causing stress to the paper fibres. Our professional fine art mounting studio works with the protection and preservation of the artwork in mind and mounts fine art to cotton board, silk, Perspex, felt and more.

The team is made up of practising artists who each pursue creative projects of their own. This enthusiasm and respect for art inspires our technicians to handle each piece with the utmost care.


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